Hi I’m Taylor H, Product Manager and Data Analyst at Crisp.

What is Crisp? Crisp is more than just a POS (Point-of-Sale, that is). Crisp offers full, in-store POS and Kitchen Operations software, as well as mobile app and web Online Ordering, Loyalty & Gift Card programs, and more. By offering this all on a single platform, you no longer have to deal with pesky integrations and a dozen points-of-contact to figure out how to accomplish what you want done. Even more, with our own seamlessly integrated systems, you have full access to data on your business operations and – most importantly – your customers.

So, do you know who YOUR customers are?

Swig – The Most Loyal Customers… and employees? Yet another caffeine craving? Our partners at Swig can fulfill that need with a large selection of “dirty sodas” (just Google it )

Swig customers are crazy loyal, with 80%+ of them using a loyalty account at the time of order on a daily basis. They do this because they know they’ll be coming back, and they earn loyalty credit on each purchase they make, which can be redeemed at a later time. Swig wanted to give a special reward to these loyal customers, specifically their top visitors and spenders, so they enlisted the help of Crisp to dive into this reporting. We provided details of their top customers and their visiting habits from Crisp’s customer database. Swig thanked us, and we thought that was the end of it… Then the story took a surprising twist.

After looking at the data, we saw something incredible. Some of these customers were so loyal, they were visiting Swig an average of 4 times a day! There were even days that some of these customers visited and used their loyalty account 5+ times in a single day! That’s a serious addiction… or something very phony.

Now, it’s pretty easy to get hooked on caffeine-filled dirty sodas, but even this seemed a bit far-fetched. We decided to err on the side of caution, and did some more digging to figure out what was making these people so thirsty for soda. We took a look at who exactly these customers were and found a connection – about 25% of the top spenders’ loyalty phone numbers also existed in Crisp’s database of Swig employees. Suspicious? We thought so.

actual footage from our database

We then dug into Crisp’s database of transaction histories, and found instances where loyalty accounts were used on purchases 5+ times in a single day, all within minutes of each other! As it turns out, when a loyalty account was not used during a transaction, or rather than entering the customer’s account info, these employees were entering their own info to earn that credit. This was occurring company-wide!

Using Crisp’s data and reporting, Swig was able to be alerted to, crack down on, and eliminate this fraudulent use of loyalty within 2 weeks. Some employees quit once they were confronted, others were let go because of unchanged behavior, and all fraudulent accounts were wiped. This behavior was corrected company-wide, saving them thousands of dollars in liability.

YOU NEED CRISP! Do you know who your customers are and their visiting/spending habits? Is accountability part of your company culture? Do you have insights into your restaurant that can help you improve and optimize? If you can’t give a confident “YES!” to any of these questions, YOU NEED CRISP! With Crisp:

Better manage your workforce and operations

  • Gain insights into your employees and their performance. Create accountability to improve and reward performance.

Own your customer data and actually know who your customers are

  • …even if it turns out to be your own employees! Build and reward brand loyalty to keep your customers coming back again and again.

Gain better data insights to improve and optimize

  • Examine your business from every angle and find areas that can be improved and optimized. Like Swig, one small change could save you thousands of dollars!

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