A Winning Win-back Campaign

If you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting a Roxberry Juice, my deepest sympathies.
My personal choice is the Banana Bliss (with an extra protein shot 💪). This smoothie lives up to its name and fills my belly with waves of banana flavored joy. The other benefit here is that Roxberry Juice Co has gone all in on Crisp’s curbside pickup feature, so they bring it straight to my car (I’m not sure I’ve ever been inside).

Measuring lost customers

Despite the amazing smoothies and amazing experience, Roxberry does have a large group of lapsed customers (haven’t visited in 30 days) in their loyalty database. Perhaps these lost customers got busy? Our modern lives are full of distractions after all, they simply needed to be reminded of what they once fell in love with.

Luckily for Roxberry, they run on Crisp. We quickly pulled the list of phone numbers for these lapsed customers and devised a plan.

A winning win-back campaign

We put our CRM and fully integrated gift card system to work. We sent an engaging text to 7000 customers from the lapsed group, and if customers engaged we offered a $5 gift card (redeemable through the Roxberry mobile app, also run by Crisp). Customers loved it so much they even shared the campaign with their friends, winning Roxberry new customers.

and that revenue stream is still active

Measuring the results

Loyalty accounts and the generated gift cards were automatically tagged and easily traced. Since Crisp is handling you know, everything, we’re actually able to measure a meaningful ROI on campaigns like this. A winback rate of 3% was enough to give a 100% ROI on the campaign within three weeks, thats including the cost of text messages and gift cards. The graph below shows targeted customer spending/day. You can see that these customers were spending $0 before the campaign was launched. After two weeks the customers continue to contribute roughly $100/day. Thats almost 40k/year just by reaching out to customers they already had.

So, I couldn’t help but write this up and flex about some of the work we do here at Crisp (sorry its all that extra protein 💪).
Thats the power of a stand alone system.

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