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Restaurant Owners: 6 ways to navigate the new foodservice landscape Hustle and bustle filled restaurants just a few months ago until COVID19 changed that and brought hardships and damages to the food industry. No matter the past and difficulties, there are silver linings to be found and this trying time can be a springboard to …

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Storytelling matters and is a key element in building a brand and everyone who sees this post needs to understand they are in “building a brand mode” at all times whether they understand and see it or not!

Overall Problem Overnight, restaurants that were filled with patrons now sit empty. Covid-19 has changed the way restaurants need to operate and deliver services to their customers overnight. Everything has gone digital & contactless. This has forced brands to frantically figure out a solution to digital. Luckily, restaurants and other food sources are still considered “essential” …

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We sent out a quiz per text on Valentines Day, that would help them discover their “True Love Language.” The results were amazing!

Forbes author Alicia Kelso concludes kiosks in the restaurant industry are not going anywhere — as technological advances increase, more and more locations will adopt this method of customized digital ordering to cut employment costs and drive add-on sales. Self-Service Kiosk Preferred by More than Millenials? According to recent Tillster studies, 30% of consumers prefer …

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Restaurants live in a day where simple loyalty programs no longer cut it when it comes to customer retention. Customers expect much more than merely filling in a punch pass for a free meal. If fast casual restaurants don’t have the most up-to-date tech package with a loyalty program that tracks and anticipates the customers’ needs, they are on a quick path to the back of the food chain.

Restaurants are in a lose-lose situation when it comes to third-party delivery integrations. If they don’t implement third-party delivery services, they miss out on an increasing percentage of volume & sales. If they do commit to outside delivery services, they lose control of a large part of the customer experience, including valuable consumer insights and data.