COVID-19 is Devastating Small/Local Businesses – Here’s What We Can Do About It

Overall Problem

Overnight, restaurants that were filled with patrons now sit empty. Covid-19 has changed the way restaurants need to operate and deliver services to their customers overnight. Everything has gone digital & contactless. This has forced brands to frantically figure out a solution to digital.

Luckily, restaurants and other food sources are still considered “essential” businesses that will remain open even in major cities that are now practicing strict ‘shelter in place’ policies. NBC NewsUSA Today, and other news outlets continue to report massive layoffs, but we don’t believe it’s time to panic just yet. 

We know restaurant owners all over the country have been hit hard and will continue to feel the pain. However, those brands that have implemented new digital avenues of business are managing to survive, and in some cases, even seeing higher than average sales numbers.

Digital Channel Stats:

  • Comprising 70% of sales for brands. 
  • 40% of all orders are using I’m Here/curbside pick up functionality 
  • Though rare, some brands are even experiencing more sales that average during this time of Crisis.

Solution & How it Works

A lot has been said in the media as of late. To be clear we are not in a recession, as much as it is a ‘compression’. Consumers’ pockets are not empty just yet. Consumers are, however, fearfully saving as crowds of 10 or more people have been strongly discouraged. 

Data shows that, although dine-in numbers have taken a nosedive, take-out orders are on the rise. This is the current reality of the restaurant market. Doors are being forced shut, but those paying attention to the new market need to be ready to pivot into contactless digital avenues.

It’s all about easing consumer fears/uncertainty. Make it easy for them to enjoy great food and get out of the house without having to have contact with anyone or touch any public surfaces.

Crisp can build a simple, easy to use online portal into your existing website and even link a mobile app.

We Want to Pitch in. Here is How We Can Help You!

Crisp is a restaurant growth software platform for high performing brands that provides an omnichannel experience for your guests. We are taking a piece of our platform and opening it up to the community by offering online ordering and mobile app services. Our digital solutions will provide your guests the ability to order from their home and pick up their food via virtual drive through curbside pick up.

Joining the Crisp Online Ordering platform is quite simple.

Sign up online with Crisp’s brief, 2-minute informational form below. A representative will be in contact with you the same day. Your online ordering services can be up and running within 3 days!

Stay healthy and safe out there!


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