Crisp’s Latest Loyalty Experiment

If you don’t know Crisp, this is what we do. We simplify and organize all of your different technologies by replacing your technology with one complete solution.  



Because it’s the best way to grow your restaurant. 

With everything under one roof, we can track data that no one else can. For example:

What’s the direct ROI of sending texts/emails?

We’re always testing and experimenting, and one of the coolest things we’ve done recently was a quiz sent to customers with one of our partners.

Since loyalty is integrated into the system, it’s easy to use Crisp to contact your customers.

In coordination with one of our partners, (who we’ve helped achieve over an 80% loyalty participation rate, (which is how we get the phone numbers), we sent out a quiz per text on Valentines Day, that would help them discover their “True Love Language.”

We texted 11,584 customers

2122 of the customers started the quizzes (18.3% Click through rate)

1830 Quizzes Completed

This resulted in 292 New Customers

487 New Mobile App Installs 

Here’s the craziest part:

Of the customers we did interact with, 20.9% actually purchased the next day

Of the complete new customers we texted, 40.5% SHOWED UP and purchased!

These customers added an additional $8,359.58 of next day revenue that the brand wouldn’t have normally had, not to mention the almost 500 additional mobile app downloads and the new customers that were acquired.

Because we can track the behavior of customers across all channels, we can directly see the ROI from interacting with them.

This is the power of Crisp.

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