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Staying at home

We’re now a month into Utah’s governor ordering all dine-in restaurants closed for in store service. It’s no secret that this has been a huge burden for businesses.
As part of our company culture we regularly evaluate how our product is impacting the businesses we serve. I thought now was a good time to explore if, and how, our services are supporting our partners through what is almost certainly the most difficult challenge their businesses have ever faced. 

How Crisp Is Making a Difference

I was pleased to see that, in particular, having our online ordering products in place has helped cushion the drop in sales so many restaurants are experiencing.
I wanted to highlight just one of these stories.

Seven Brother’s Burgers – Online Ordering as a safety net

My personal all time favorite burger is a Shem Burger (add jalapeños please) from our partners at Seven Brother’s Burgers. Which I frequently get with our two tap reordering.

Point being, I have a personal investment in the continued success of this family business. While their sales have taken a hit, it was reassuring to see how well equipped they were to adapt to the new norm and maintain a steady stream of sales from online ordering. Their online orders have grown to be a majority of all sales.

Seeing the percentage of incoming sales  from online orders presents an even clearer picture of how important these channels have been.

Of course, many restaurants are seeing an increase in online ordering. But much of that may be through 3rd party services, who are notorious for hefty commissions and don’t hand over customer information.

Seven Brother’s has also seen an increase in their 3rd party ordering, but were able to capture a vast majority of Online traffic through their own channels, meaning lower fees and new customers they’ll be able to communicate and build a relationship with. 

Let’s say we assume Seven Brother’s would have seen the same increase in online traffic. Given typical 3rd party fees. They would have spent somewhere between 10 – 25 thousand dollars on 3rd party fees in the last 4 weeks.

So, in the interest of continuing to get my extra jalapeno Shem Burger, and the future of the Hannemann family, I’m happy they chose Crisp.  

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