Key Benefits of Self Order Kiosks

Forbes author Alicia Kelso concludes kiosks in the restaurant industry are not going anywhere — as technological advances increase, more and more locations will adopt this method of customized digital ordering to cut employment costs and drive add-on sales.

Self-Service Kiosk Preferred by More than Millenials?

According to recent Tillster studies, 30% of consumers prefer using a self-service kiosk compared to ordering from a cashier. Over 65% of customers report they would attend restaurants more often if they had self-service kiosks, and more than 25% of customers 65 years and older have had experience with placing self-service orders in the past year.

A Tripling Demand

The National Restaurant Show in 2017 featured only 12 self serve kiosks, while in 2018 the amount featured almost tripled. As the technology of 2019 and 2020 expand, kiosks will further take center stage and evolve as the market grows. Various examples of integrated mobile ordering kiosks from the NRA’s 2018 show may be viewed below.

Self Service Kiosks in All McDonalds as of 2020

McDonald’s fights labor costs and adapts through the implementation of self-service kiosks in all current and future restaurants. This decision will enhance the customer experience by allowing orderers their own time and judgment-free environment, as well as improving labor productivity with orders that go directly to the kitchen and free up employees for other work.

Integrating Loyalty Programs

Among the many benefits of self-order kiosks, a proven way to increase sales is its link with loyalty awards. NCR points out how these technological improvements “support gift cards and loyalty coupons with onboard scanners, easily integrate mobile wallet and EMV-enabled card payments and let guests join your loyalty program, redeem rewards, accrue points, and check balances.”

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