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Crisps latest loyalty experiment

Crisp’s Latest Loyalty Experiment

We sent out a quiz per text on Valentines Day, that would help them discover their “True Love Language.” The results were amazing!

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Guy at self order kiosk

Key Benefits of Self Order Kiosks

Forbes author Alicia Kelso concludes kiosks in the restaurant industry are not going anywhere — as technological advances increase, more and more locations will adopt this method of customized digital ordering to cut employment costs and drive add-on sales. Self-Service Kiosk Preferred by More than Millenials? According to recent Tillster studies, 30% of consumers prefer…

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delivery guy on bike

Using Third-Party Delivery the Right Way – Four Easy Steps

Restaurants are in a lose-lose situation when it comes to third-party delivery integrations. If they don’t implement third-party delivery services, they miss out on an increasing percentage of volume & sales. If they do commit to outside delivery services, they lose control of a large part of the customer experience, including valuable consumer insights and data.

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Starbucks gift card in hand

Loyalty Programs Don’t Cut it Anymore

Restaurants live in a day where simple loyalty programs no longer cut it when it comes to customer retention. Customers expect much more than merely filling in a punch pass for a free meal. If fast casual restaurants don’t have the most up-to-date tech package with a loyalty program that tracks and anticipates the customers’ needs, they are on a quick path to the back of the food chain.

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Sorry we are closed sign

COVID-19 is Devastating Small/Local Businesses – Here’s What We Can Do About It

Overall Problem Overnight, restaurants that were filled with patrons now sit empty. Covid-19 has changed the way restaurants need to operate and deliver services to their customers overnight. Everything has gone digital & contactless. This has forced brands to frantically figure out a solution to digital. Luckily, restaurants and other food sources are still considered “essential”…

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